19 Apr 2017

Celebration of Learning December 2017

K1 Celebration of Learning

Our K1 families had a fun filled Celebration of Learning Day on Wednesday 13th December. Our students confidently shared their learning from their recent ‘ How we organize Ourselves’ unit of inquiry. The key concept of responsibility  was a focus for this unit and our students certainly displayed this as they performed different roles in the role play areas and by making considered choices of what and how to share their learning with their parents. A little bit of festive cheer was included as the students decorated some Christmas cookies they had made previously and as they explored the ‘snow’ with polar animals in the sensory small world experience. We were very proud of how our students have become such independent and enthusiastic learners.

K2 Celebration of Learning

K2 parents were treated to a range of arts experiences during the K2 Celebration of learning day on Thursday 14th December. The students shared their learning from their ‘How We Express Ourselves’ unit of inquiry. Throughout this unit they explored a variety of art forms including; music, drama, visual art and dance and movement. Lots of fun was had as the students taught their parents how dance and make their own musical instruments as well as demonstrating their growing self management skills as they independently selected materials the experiences they would like to share. It was wonderful to see how courageous the students were to share their own ideas and express themselves so freely in a range of ways and how well they encouraged their parents to be courageous too!