Toddlers in pre-nursery are rapidly developing their physical, social, cognitive and language capabilities. They are developing working theories for making sense of the natural, social, physical and material worlds.

Curriculum is designed to be stimulating yet flexible. Learning experiences enable toddlers to observe, listen and be hands on whilst respecting their right to engage in play at their own pace. It is also responsive to their rapidly growing capabilities, and provides a strong foundation for an ESF education.

The pre-nursery curriculum has five key strands that form the foundation for our children’s learning. Across the strands of Wellbeing, Belonging, Communication, Contribution, and Exploration, each toddler’s voice will be heard, their progress celebrated and their language and knowledge nourished.

During our induction sessions, parents will be invited to join our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which contains an interactive portfolio of learning. We document learning in a number of different ways that include; photographs, video, audio and written comments to provide our families with regular updates and insights into your toddlers developing interests, knowledge and skills.