Learning Environment

We create an environment that perfectly meets the needs of our youngest learners; an environment which encourages exploration, imagination and play. We strive to make a positive impact on our toddlers and to provide them with a fun, exciting place to grow and learn. The partnerships we foster with parents further strengthen the experience and development of each learner.

A nurturing and child-centred approach provides opportunities for toddlers to connect with others and build relationships in a safe and secure environment. As toddlers are empowered to make connections between themselves and the environment, they are given the freedom of choice, deepening their desire to explore, investigate and develop their sense of belonging.

From stepping into our beautiful classrooms and unleashing a world of potential, our toddlers are given the chance to thrive in a learning environment that is suitable and stimulating for their needs. Whether they are manipulating materials to experiment with textures, cause and effect, building a den to fend off dragons in their imaginary play or simply having the courage to ‘give it a go’ our toddlers will have an incredible start on their learning pathway.